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Golf Driver Tips

Golf driver tips are some of the most popular resources for golfers, and can be found both online and offline. This particular club can be very difficult to master, and its size and length can be intimidating for many players. Golf driver tips are aplenty, and here you’ll find some of the most effective.

Solid, reliable hitting off the tee is a key element to lowering your score. Anyone who has ever shagged a ball that hooked or sliced can attest to this. A few bad shots off the tee can ruin your score for the entire day.

On that same token, players who review golf driver tips and apply them to their game often see lower scores.

When you shoot well off the tee combining both distance and accuracy, your ball will naturally end up closer to the green. This allows you to take advantage of possible eagles and birdies. Adding a few of those to your card will lower your score significantly.

While there are many golf driver tips, one of the most important is to relax. Players who try to rip the ball down the fairway often end up with a hook or a slice. A good golf swing is relaxed, allowing the club head to do its work. If you try to muscle your way through a tee shot, you’ll most likely open or close the club face and wind up looking for your ball out in the woods somewhere.

Another effective golf driver tip is to leave the past behind you. If you had a poor showing on the last hole, do not take that baggage with you to the next tee. Anger, frustration, and hurry-up play inevitably lead to a bad tee shot. Before your next hole, take a moment to calm down, breathe, and go through your pre-shot routine.

For those using the 460 cc clubs off the tee, here are some words of advice. When it comes to golf driver tips for these bigger clubs, practice is the key element to success.

These bigger clubs can be difficult to square up at first. The heavier and larger head requires you to spend more time on the range learning the idiosyncrasies of the club before marching out onto the course. It takes practice to find the sweet spot with these big clubs.

You will also need to learn the proper height for teeing up the ball. With these oversized clubs, the ball will need to be lifted much higher off the ground than with a traditional club. The best place to learn that is on the range, not on the first tee.

Finally, and this applies to all clubs, resist the urge to strangle the club when you take it into your hands. Holding the shaft too tightly leads to a slice for many players.

Put these golf driver tips to work for you and soon you will see better distance and accuracy with your tee shots. Remember: the only way to learn new skills is to get out there and practice.