Daily Golf Tips

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Golf Driving Tips

Hitting off the tee is an important part of the game. Let’s take a look at some golf driving tips that may help you get more distance and better control the ball.

Most players are looking for golf driving tips to improve distance and accuracy—and for good reason. With greater distance, birdie or eagle possibilities increase. With better accuracy, a player can keep the ball in play without losing strokes due to wayward hooks and slices.

To achieve both distance and accuracy, the set up must be correct. When you address the ball on the tee, make sure you get into the athletic stance by keeping your feet shoulder width apart and allowing for some flex in your knees.

The key to increasing your distance is maximizing club head speed, which your body to coil and uncoil. Without flex in your knees, this is all but impossible. One of the best golf driving tips is to remember to flex your knees. Standing too tall will cost you a great deal of power and distance.

As part of your set up, be sure to play the ball forward. In the proper stance, the ball will be closer to your leading foot, and not in the center. This will help the club get the ball on the proper path and up into the air.

One of lesser known golf driving tips is that your backswing should begin with your hips, and not your hands. Turning your hips properly is a key element in achieving optimal distance off the tee. As the hips turn, the hands, arms, and upper body will follow.

The importance of the hip turn continues as you reach the top of your backswing. Let your hips begin the downswing, followed by the hands. Once you have mastered proper rotation of your hips with consistent practice, you will notice a significant improvement in your distance.

When it comes to golf driving tips for accuracy, none are more important than having the hands follow the club head at impact. Your hands should keep the club face square as it strikes the ball; otherwise, you’ll get a curve ball.

If you frequently notice your ball hooking or slicing, take a good look at your grip. If it is too strong or too weak, the club face will not be square as it strikes the ball. For best results, your grip should be neutral; this will prevent the face from opening and closing.

Another of the best golf driving tips is to maintain a square stance as you address the ball. There may be times when you need to open or close your stance by moving your forward foot up or back, but a square stance (both feet in line with the target) is generally best. The same applies to your hips and shoulders. Keep your body square with the target and you will soon notice an improvement in your accuracy.

Finally, you may want to experiment with one of the newer 460 cc drivers. These clubs are heavier than traditional drivers and have larger club heads. The last of our golf driving tips applies to those who will try a bigger driver–remember to practice with it! These clubs require some new skills to be learned, and this will not happen until you spend some hours on the range.