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Golf Distance Tips

Are you looking for some golf distance tips that really work? We’ve compiled some highly effective techniques to boost your yardage. As with all golf distance tips, it’s essential that you get out there and practice them.

One of the best golf distance tips is to never sacrifice accuracy for length. Hitting your ball a long way down the fairway means nothing if the shot is wild or ends up in the water hazard. For most recreational players, accuracy should trump distance.

To gain some added yards, try angling your left foot (if you are right-handed). The hips are your primary source of power—although your hands hold the club and your arms swing it, your hips generate the energy you need for long shots.

When you angle your left foot just a few degrees toward the outside, your hips have a better chance of completing their full turn. The boost in power will result in an increase in yardage.

Another of the more effective golf distance tips is to watch your posture as you take your stance. In order for your hips to generate as much energy as possible, you must flex your knees at address. This enables your weight to shift smoothly from the right to the left side as you hit the ball.

Up until now, your hands have played only a minor role in the golf swing. Now, as your hips move through the strike zone and the club head approaches the ball, you need to release with the right hand. Just as the club makes contact with the ball, your right hand should snap forward. This is one of the best golf distance tips, and also one of the most challenging. But once you do master this technique, you can gain a good ten to twenty yards. This works with tee shots as well as fairway shots.

When trying to get extra yards, many people make the mistake of hitting the ball with the arms, attempting to muscle their way through the swing. The trick to adding yards to your shots lies in club head speed. It may be true that players with more muscular strength have a slight advantage, but when a player tries to use his or her arms as the source of power, they often fail. Nine times out of ten, they end up allowing the club face to close or open, resulting in a hook or a slice and decreasing their distance. Avoid the urge to rip the ball.

You’ll also want to add the draw shot to your arsenal. A draw is when the ball leaves the tee heading right and curves back to the left. This shot normally has a low trajectory and will roll a considerable distance once it lands on fairway. Many professionals consider the draw to be their favorite shot.

To sum up our golf distance tips, remember the importance of practicing. To improve your yardage and your overall game, you simply have to get out to the range and put these techniques into use. There is no substitute for hands-on training when it comes to perfecting your swing.